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Philophobia; The fear of falling in love or emotional attachment. 

Annalise Oscar has had philophobia for the longest time after surviving a traumatic event caused by her ex-lover, Finn Davidson who she thought she could trust. In the end, she ended up being hospitalized and put into a coma for three years.


Tristan Romanov, New Yorks #1 Best Selling Author returned to his hometown, Michigan to visit his relatives and family when he meets Annalise Oscar. He's determined to know Annalise and he won't stop trying until he does. 

Will he succeed in doing so?

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Why are there bad people selfish arrogant and caring unhelping ppl, these types of ppl discust me
OMGG SHE DOESNT KNOW IPHONE 6 EXISTS 😛😛😛😂😂😂😂probably she has the small ones or maybe blackberry
Some constructive criticism is don't repeat the same word a lot write virginity instead of innocence once or twice
Nice start. I honestly thought her boyfriend was cheating on her, at first. But good job in proving that this might not be a cliché book.
Do you mind giving her some air? I mean Gosh, she just woke up and you jumped in asking what happen.
I would've given her such a weird look if that's how someone greeted me from a coma