His Blonde Little Secret

His Blonde Little Secret

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"Who says people have to find out?" Brody smirked, taking another step forward. He was so close to me, I could once again see the gorgeous gold flecks shining in his eyes. 

"What do you mean?" I whispered, my gaze dropping to his lips. They were twitching and I found myself watching them, my eyes fixated. His tongue flicked out to lick his bottom lip before he spoke again. 

"You, Bella Winters," he started, his hand reaching up towards my face. He was once again looking at me with a cheeky glint in his eyes, the dimple on his cheek showing his glee. 

His fingers lingered over a strand of my hair and he wrapped it around his fingers loosely, letting it drop back around to frame my face. He opened his mouth to speak again, his voice a smooth whisper. 

"From now on, you can be my blonde little secret." 

Meet Bella Winters, a character that most of us will relate to on so many levels. She wants to remain hidden at school, especially from the popular's. Now, meet Brody Baxter. Beautiful AND a gentleman. 

Brody Baxter has different plans for Bella...

Plans that lead to her becoming, his blonde little secret. 

WARNING - The tale between Bella and Brody will cause you to laugh, cry and wish that Brody was in fact, real. 

If you love a good cliché, this book is for you.

Cover credit - @chatachino thank you! 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - Do not copy/reproduce or use any of the text in this story.

Jokes on you you need friends to have a broken friendship 👌😭
memezgalore memezgalore 4 days ago
this is me except i wear all sneakers (i don't discriminate) and i love wearing oversized clothes. perferrable baggy pants and shirts or sweaters/hoodies
emilybenward_ emilybenward_ 4 days ago
i have five friends and i constantly worry they all hate me. like deep down i know they don't but in the moment when they don't text me back very quck or don't ask me to hangout , all I can assume is they hate mean
XxCalelexX XxCalelexX 3 days ago
The main character is basically me. Fo r some reason, I can't find my jeans and they've been replaced with skirts and dresses. The only girly shoes I have are Reebok,  Converse, and flats.
memezgalore memezgalore 4 days ago
every delectable food known to mankind. and some type of furry cuddly and adorable animal.
ThoricThrone ThoricThrone 3 days ago
I came for cliché parts........bring it on bish. PASS ME THE POPCORN AND THE NUTELLA.....THEN BEING IN THE DRAMAAAAAAA