The bad boy's weakness

The bad boy's weakness

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He's a bad boy

She's a good girl

While he's out causing trouble, she's locked up safely in her room doing homework 

He pushes everyone away, she has trouble trusting those that surround her.

He's cocky and arrogant, she's shy and insecure.

He's Chase Ryder.

She's Layla Wood.

They have one thing in common, both have dark secrets that tend to follow them wherever they go.

With a simple run in with the schools bad boy Layla gets thrown into a world of drugs and violence.

Will Chase push her away? 

Will Layla learn to trust him?

Is she like all the other girls, or is she the bad boys weakness?

~please give it a chance and I hope you like it~


Bella xx

ohmaluke ohmaluke Jan 10
He's kinda hot she's kinda hot see ur connection... Why do I link everything to 5sls
so_triggered so_triggered 5 days ago
I like my history class. My teacher speaks fluent sarcasm (which can be very annoying) and she always gives easy work. I have maintained the highest grade in the class for the whole semester in the AP classes for history which is good.
so_triggered so_triggered 5 days ago
This is real
                              This is me
                              I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, Yea
                              Gonna let the light, shine on me
                              Now I've found
                              Who I am
                              There's no way to hold it in
                              No more hiding who I wanna be
                              This is me!!!!
Dorsey18 Dorsey18 Jan 11
@miss0mayhem exactly like shut the frock up if she wants to be a bîtch let her be
hubba_bubber hubba_bubber 6 days ago
It makes no difference to me I guess it just make the chapter longer
so_triggered so_triggered 5 days ago
                              This is the third book I've read since 12:00 am today. I'm probably not gonna sleep tonight and finish this book before 6:00 am.