Adopted By Chris Brown (Sequel)

Adopted By Chris Brown (Sequel)

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eriana111 By eriana111 Updated Feb 05

Crystal POV: hey I'm back and better than ever anyway today I'm going back to LA your probably wondering what is going on and why I left but anyway on my 17th birthday me and Nate did some things and I ended up getting pregnant but my dad and everyone was angry at me so i moved away and got a job as a model I had a daughter and her name is Paris Mia Brown she is 11 months and small I know your wondering where is Kai and she is 3 and terrible and I'm 18 yep legal but let's get it together I have to leave bye 

this is Kai and her eyes changed to brown when she turned two but they do change back sometimes

This is my baby Mia she is my light just like Kai 

This is me and I haven't changed much except I got thicker and shaved some of my hair but u will see that later

We are on a plane to go to the house I bought for me and my babies in a nice neighbor hood I have a Lamborghini, Benz, and a Range Rover with motorcycles and also toy cars for my kids so right now I think I'm balling ...

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