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The Last Time We Met [Markiplier x Natewantstobattle]

The Last Time We Met [Markiplier x Natewantstobattle]

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Sam! By sweetapple01 Completed

  [DISCLAIMER 2] THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THE SUPER EXTENDED CUT, SO THE MATPAT ENDING DOESN'T APPLY TO THIS STORY. Let's just pretend the last night ended with Bonnie saying, "Weird, everything turned out okay!" or however he said it, okay? Okay.
  It's been one year since the last time Mark Fischbach saw Nathan Sharp.
  The last time they saw each other, Mark being pulled into a police car for questioning.
  Nate had told him that everything was okay now, now that Springtrap was taken care of.
  But, even after Mark was released, he had nightmares about those animatronics. Seeing them in his house when he was awake or asleep.
  Now, when he thought he was in control of his life once again, Mark received a voice mail asking him to meet 'an old friend'. Hearing that familiar voice threw him off so much, he didn't know if he should go along with this. But, it would be nice to see someone who had gone through the same experiences as him, to talk about it and get help.
  Is it really a good idea to see Nate's friendly face if it means risking those robots seeing him again?
  And would this friendly face help Mark more then he previously thought?

TylerTheStone TylerTheStone Aug 17, 2016
                              You HAVE to read this Nateiplier fanfiction! It's too freaking adorable!
Flameme Flameme Nov 11, 2016
You know i was waiting all summer for you to come back but i didnt expect tfios trash xD awesome story thoe
Moony_The_Catturtle Moony_The_Catturtle Aug 11, 2016
*struggles while reading* 
                              This is actually very cool so far, I can't wait to read the rest of it
-_PrettyBoy_- -_PrettyBoy_- Aug 12, 2016
*covers face with pillow and fangirls* I SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX!!!!!
-_PrettyBoy_- -_PrettyBoy_- Aug 11, 2016
Please hold. *creates Nateiplier trash can* Ok, I'm good! *jumps in*
LupusTheWolf LupusTheWolf Sep 24, 2016
@MyNameIsMarkiplier  *clings to Nate* I thought I wanted him to be with Mark. I changed my mind. *hisses at Mark*