Glass of Hearts {Bokuaka}

Glass of Hearts {Bokuaka}

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"I don't love you anymore."



"Did you end it with him?"

Akaashi stared blankly at his father. The tears have all dried up, and all that's left were red scars and shattered glass. 

"Yes," he muttered bypassing his father and running up the stairs into his room.


Akaashi was being abused at home.

Merely a puppet under his father.

Bokuto didn't know anything

||same universe as Box of Reminiscence||

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Oooooohhhhhhh which knife should I use? *Rolls out knife collection* OR SHOULD I USE FIRE? 
                              BOTH IS GOOD
Hold up *super glues non existent heart back together* This girl can go one more angst.
- - Dec 10, 2017
I swear to god if your homophobic ass is involved, then * take the flip-flop * PREPARE TO FIGHT U LITTLE SMIRK
Wisteriakat Wisteriakat Nov 20, 2017
I was feeling pity on his dad, but that's just so freaking messed up!
haleywin haleywin Oct 23, 2017
Akaashi Bitch Who Abuses Others Because He Didn't Get What He Wanted?
Wisteriakat Wisteriakat Nov 20, 2017
*Opens the book*
                              Yay, time for some--
                              *Gets slapped in the face with angst*