Intertwined • BokuAka •

Intertwined • BokuAka •

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Teiji By AworldofHaikyuu Updated 7 days ago


That one word alone describes his parents. Especially his father. 

 Bokuto Koutarou was not allowed to go out without his parents tagging along, and he was absolutely not allowed to meet his friends during the holidays. This made him annoyed and frustrated that he was being treated like a child. 

Until he came.

Everything changed, and Bokuto soon finds himself in a whole new life, where things were no longer as they were.

Includes swear words (though rarely)

This is just a fan based fiction. I do not own any of the main characters used or the anime itself. All of them goes to the all fabulous and amazing artist Haruichi Furudate.

Grimmire Grimmire Aug 15, 2016
Soon his cover won't be the only thing that's blown *eyebrow wiggle*
Iki-Chii Iki-Chii Dec 04, 2016
I like how he just immediately assumed Akaashi was gay
                              Yet this whole anime is just a bunch of gays hiding under the name ''volleyball clubs''
SparkleFace80 SparkleFace80 Sep 26, 2016
I get it if he was 16 or something but if he's 18 then the parents should start to loosen up a bit xD
etherealkenma etherealkenma Nov 12, 2016
i want a store like this here, but everyone where i live thinks anime is weird & something to be ashamed of ):
Grimmire Grimmire Aug 15, 2016
There's a shop like that right near my college!!!! It's like the same thing you described!!