Intertwined • BokuAka •

Intertwined • BokuAka •

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Teiji By AworldofHaikyuu Completed


That one word alone describes his parents. Especially his father. 

 Bokuto Koutarou was not allowed to go out without his parents tagging along, and he was absolutely not allowed to meet his friends during the holidays. This made him annoyed and frustrated that he was being treated like a child. 

Until he came.

Everything changed, and Bokuto soon finds himself in a whole new life, where things were no longer as they were.

Includes swear words (though rarely)

This is just a fan based fiction. I do not own any of the main characters used or the anime itself. All of them goes to the all fabulous and amazing artist Haruichi Furudate.

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I love Iwaoi so much if You cloudnt tell... it’s a problem
I’ve considered jumping out my widow but it has the fly screen on it. So I can’t.
                              Some days In the middle of he night I just want to go for an hour walk down the street and just calm. But I can’t, no I could never do that,
ElderFluffeh ElderFluffeh Nov 09, 2017
I love how he just assumes that Akaashi's gay 
                              Even though it would be really rude in real life
YearlySincerely YearlySincerely Jul 28, 2017
I wanted to be a rebel once but I became asahi to 1-19898980
Amel232 Amel232 Jun 23, 2017
Haha they would threaten to kick me out of the country, and it wouldn't be just a bluf, it would be a whole hearted claim....
tokentransboy tokentransboy Mar 29, 2017
Bruh if I said that to my parents I'd get my ass whooped. Tf kind of parenting is this