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Was I Just A Bet?

Was I Just A Bet?

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❤  SLAYER  ❤ By TheWellReadGirl Updated 3 days ago

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  She was a nerd. He was the baddest boy. 
  She had a crush on him. Well which girl didn't? 
  She knew him well and he didn't have a clue of her existence. 
  But what will she do when, in front of the whole school, he comes, sits beside her and whispers -
  "Gabriella Mae you are my girlfriend from now on wards"
  "What?" She looked at him in utter disbelief.
  "Don't worry, only for a month. Its a bet"
  Gabriella Mae is the nerdiest girl of the school, hiding behind her glasses. She is certainly not a girl  who you would call hot, sexy, seductive. But instead plain , boring and socially awkward. 
  Now this is what surprises the whole school, especially the girls, when the most charming guy of the school, Nathan Wagner, declares her his girlfriend. But guess, its nothing but a bet. But nobody knows except for Gabriella. 
  Reasons for her to deny -
  1 She would remain a bet and in one month she'd be dumped.
  2  Nathan is Rachel's (her sister's) ex or present. She doesn't know. 
  Reason to agree - 
  She can really piss her sister off. (Oops step sister for the rest) 
  Even though the description sounds total cliché to you. Believe me, the story won't disappoint you at all. Its not any simple bad-boy nerd story where they hate each other then start loving and nothing can separate them. Its nothing like that. 
  So join Nathan Wagner and Gabriella Mae in their journey that might drive you crazy.  
   Cover by - ONYANONYMOUS

PS- No matter who the character is I love them all so you don't get to go all harsh on them. I believe there is always a reason behind someone's personality and most of the time its not their fault.

Eliz756 Eliz756 Jun 11
Not every girl dreams that, I actually want to be alone. I think having a boyfriend I is too much work and too much drama if ones relationship is rocky.
Megha187 Megha187 Aug 21, 2016
It's better of her father knows about the sneaking pathways. She can just give an excuse. Anyways, loved this chapter.
ABeautifulBlessing ABeautifulBlessing Dec 22, 2016
I don't know about yous, but the first chapter had me in laughter. This bet is ought to get interesting.
Ashley_Reads Ashley_Reads Aug 16, 2016
Aw he seems sweet. Like he's being able taken advantage of by Rachael. Or maybe he just can't see her true colors.
Wings_Craftz Wings_Craftz Aug 14, 2016
Whens the next part coming out i really wanna see what happenes!!
Wait but wouldn't the only way they would be in the same grade then is if one of them got held back or if they were twins?