Rejected by My Mate But I Dont Give A Fuck

Rejected by My Mate But I Dont Give A Fuck

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arleth gutierrez By BAD3039 Completed

(Complete)This book will involve bad word and nasty scenes. The main characters are Emanuel Wolt and Arleth Gutierrez.  What when Arleth and her friends go to the club and find there mate. However Arleth finds out that her mate in no other than the Alpha. Also known as the man whore. Will she try her best to stay away or will she fall in love with him read to find out.

 Emanuel wolt : His the Alpha of the most dangerous pack The Surfer Blood Pack. He is known as  a player selfish,. rude, man whore, doesn't give a fuck about a girl feeling but is that him or only rumors?. He doesn't want a mate and is 23 years of age.
Arleth Gutierrez : a normal werewolf with no important rank belongs to The Surfer Blood Pack. She is a badass doesn't give a fuck about nothing, but is there a reason for that. She loves her squad she is 18 she doesn't want a mate.

  • alpha
  • babies
  • hate
  • love
  • mine
  • possessive
  • rejection
  • werewolf

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