The mafias son and the gang leaders daughter. ON HOLD

The mafias son and the gang leaders daughter. ON HOLD

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Psychopath By yourlocalpsycho Updated Apr 04

Alexis Matthews also known as 'Silver' is an ordinary girl in people's eyes. She's the gang leaders daughter. She steals important people money and gives it to her clients. She kills when asked for the right price. Her father is her only family and he is a gang leader. 

Dylan Grey also known as 'demon' is a heartless soon to be mafia leader. Every one in the world fears him. His father even fears him but still has the courage to tell him what to do. They move to California to meet up with the number one gang leader in the world.

There fathers agreed to put them together and to let them have normal lives. They get an old friend of theirs to train there kids so they become better. They have one task that they are given. Can they accomplish it or will they fail. Will they fall In love or hate each other forever.

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