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Groupchat || Football Edition || Short Story

Groupchat || Football Edition || Short Story

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Neymar: wake up sluts!

Chamberlain: Ah fuck off Ney

Gotzë: Are you aware it's 2 am in the fucking morning!

Neymar: Ik but I can't sleep. Entertain me

Lewandowski: Bruhh entertain yourself. There's something called Netflix

Neymar: Ok let me use your account pls x

Lewandowski: Piss off

Chamberlain: Where's Bartra? Is it past his bedtime already😹

Bartra: I'm awake you little shit

Neuer: Can you lot stop blowing up my notifications pls

Ronaldo: If you don't like it then get tf out of the group chat

Ozil: Oooo. Are you going to take that Neuer?

Neuer: I will end you in our next match together

Ronaldo: What you gonna do? Boot the ball at me😂

Rafhina: 😩😂

Griezmann: Someone add Reus to this

Neymar: Let me check if I have his number 

*011928274781929 was added to the group chat*

Gotzë: Reus babyyy

011928274781929: Who tf is this? 

Gotzë: Who the fuck are you?

011928274781929: Charming, my name's Sage. Who gave you my number?

Lewandowski: Relax, we must have adde...

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