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We Belong Together

We Belong Together

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Crazygirl1390 By Crazygirl1390 Updated Apr 02

Fareesa Dasti is a reckless, bold,  gregarious, stubborn yet sweet and sympathetic, 19-year-old girl studying Calculus at the Nobel University. Yet when it comes to her looks and outward appearance she is very self-conscious.
     Ashar Ali, son of the founder of the Nobel University, is a handsome, possessive, but caring and a practicing Muslim. Even though he is not very passionate about teaching, he has to cover up for a very ill professor for a few months due to his father's insistence. Little does he know that in those few months he would find his ideal girl.  
    What happens when Ashar starts having feelings for Fareesa and his feelings are not reciprocated as she not only despises him for how he treated her as a student but also loathes the idea of marriage? What happens when he proposes to her and she rejects him?
    What happens when their worlds keep colliding and destiny finally brings them together?
    Will Fareesa realize that they belong together? Will she be alongside Ashar to face all the obstacles together or will she leave him? Welcome to Ashar & Faressa's life story

ChristinaAnnRiley ChristinaAnnRiley Sep 06, 2016
Ouch!! Some bad day, huh? The punishment was really harsh! I'm curious as to what she would write.
                              Anyways, I really like the flow and the pace of the story, as well as the chemistry between the characters.
                              Really nice! :)
Kanza_ayn Kanza_ayn Sep 24, 2016
BBW ws awesome i loved it and its seql is too good to stay away ♡♡♡♡
Shona1993 Shona1993 Jul 26, 2016
Haha she truly got herself in trouble.. They have great chemistry already ;) I think she'll write but don't know what she will write as it isn't a easy task 😅
cookiescupcake1 cookiescupcake1 Jul 27, 2016
This was so funny one of my best books in wattpad seriously though I loved the conversation they had at the beginning of class
MerelMelchers MerelMelchers Jul 29, 2016
Loved this chapter! I like that it's written in first person. That way I already feel more connected to Fareesa. I would write the essay, but I don't know if Fareesa will. She does seem to have respect for authority, but not for this particular professor. I think she won't do it, but I'm not certain
SilverSloth SilverSloth Sep 17, 2016
This chapter was a really interesting start to the story and introduced the main characters really well! I liked how information was given about the main character in the first part of the chapter
                              Keep it up!