Unnatural | D.M.     {Editing slightly}

Unnatural | D.M. {Editing slightly}

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"It's unnatural. I won't stand for my son tarnishing the family name for some filthy half-blood." I clenched my fists and turned away from him.

After the death of her godfather, Sirius Black, Delia Edwards flies back to London and is forced to start over, which is hard enough as it is being that she's a metamorphmagus. With Remus Lupin and Tonks as her guardians, she's sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her new friends she'd met at the Weasley's, including the famous Harry Potter.  The one thing she can't wrap her head around is why the most hateful and pompous person at Hogwarts renders her unable to hide her emotions or think rationally. That person, of course, being Draco Malfoy.

Editing slightly. Please keep in mind I began writing this about a year and a half ago so my writing style has changed and still is changing as time passes. Comment what you like but rude comments will be responded to. Enjoy xx

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ElizzaX ElizzaX Oct 14
And when I read the 'red hair' part, I knew the comments will be for the Weasley family
booksrbest booksrbest Aug 29
Isn't Beauxbatons in France?
                              In America it is Ivelmorny ( I am not sure if that is the core spelling)
1-800-OLEFF 1-800-OLEFF Jul 19
from experience this happens to me when i fly alone😂 she pops pu every 20 minutes in a 5 hour flight "hey there sweetie! want any refreshments or snacks?" like bitch lemme sleep😂😂
Lmao I would kill that hoe, my flights are strictly reserved for sleep.
BhadMhalfoy BhadMhalfoy Oct 13
It's a *Delia* Teaching ya, how to look your best , making over people is her never ending quest!
                              I'm so sorry 😭