The New Fox Wielder(Miraculous Ladybug AU)

The New Fox Wielder(Miraculous Ladybug AU)

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RinkuWolfe207 By RinkuWolfe207 Updated Nov 24

When Master Fu and Wayzz come to the conclusion that the Akumas are getting stronger, along with Hawkmoth getting creative with his plans, Wayzz suggests it's time for a new hero to make an appearance, to help Ladybug and Chat Noir.


...Although certain people don't appreciate the help...

...and old tensions begin to arise...

Yes yes yeah yes yes yes yeah 
                              AN ETERNITY LATER
                              Yes yeah yeassssss
MusicalCatGirl MusicalCatGirl 6 days ago
Sorry to destroy your dreams but... Alya is the Fox Holder, and the Kwami's name is Trixx
Spoiler allert!!
                              Alya is the future volpina.