Darkest Before Dawn

Darkest Before Dawn

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Orochimaru never became a missing-nin. The Fourth Hokage still stood tall. There was no Uchiha Massacre. The Akatsuki never existed. Madara never became a problem. What could go wrong in such a perfect world? Sakura Haruno had always been alone, and at thirteen, she abandoned Konoha. She had to run from her past, but what exactly would wait for her in her future?

@NarutoWattyAwards 2014 Third Place Winner in the General Naruto Category!

*Written from 2013-2015*

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First time and I hate some of these comments already but oh well, i like the story already
Sakura dis aint notnormal 4 me whuch means it normal 4 me cause i always do this i akways cry myself 2 sleep and if tears were 2 leave scars i would of been a broken sand armor rn
well didn't change much. Kakashi in Naruto didn't really pay much attention to Sakura
I'd survive by myself by drinking juice, water, and instant ramen.
Im reading this after I just recently called Sakura a banshee and that she should burn in hell😂
I love this! It's just sort of... simple? Sakura just left. Just like that. Not just because people suddenly hating her and pushing her to the brink. She just left. Luv it.