Computer Class

Computer Class

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Babes By CabelloYourMind Updated Jun 21, 2017

Summary: Camila Cabello, is in the typical popular group along with her four best friends: Dinah, Lauren, Normani, and Ally. While some people might think her head is filled with nothing but air, she is one of smartest people in the school. Acing math, science, and spanish (of course). She is also one of the most athletic people in school, passing gym class with flying colors. Not only is she good at sports but she is the co-captain of the softball team. But the only thing she seems to be failing at is computer class. 

Y/N, the nerd of the century. Anything you have a question for she always has the answer. While she may be the smartest in the school, she doesn't tend to boast nor brag about it because it isn't in her personality to do it. Most people think she lacks the athletic side, but those are the same people that think Camila is nothing but an airbag. What they don't know is, she's one of the most notorious computer hacker in the world. Going by the name Siege. She goes on bank robberies around the world with her friends but still manages to attend her AP Spanish test on Monday without a hint of doubt and sleep. Under all that geekiness, she manages to have a very well fit body. 

While going through her junior year of high school, Y/N just so happened to have a class with Camila that she so happens to be failing in. Seeing her crush go through a struggle, Y/N decides to tutor Camila to get closer to the girl. What happens when Camila starts to fall for Y/N? But what happens when Camila tries to find her secret admirer who has been sending her notes since freshman year? Torn between her crush on Y/N and her secret admirer, Camila might have to choose. 



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