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Time Travelers

Time Travelers

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"You'll be back~!" By theDIGIfangirl Updated Dec 25, 2016

Sarada and Boruto were asked to deliver a scroll to the Sand Village. What will happen if Boruto "accidentally" activates the scroll? What will happen if they went back to the time when their parents were only genins? What if they meet? And most importantly HOW WILL THEY GET BACK?!

Pairings: Sasusaku, Naruhina, Borusara

(A/n: I don't know much about Naruto nor Boruto so bear with me if I get some info/facts wrong. I just wanted to test my skills on writing something I don't have much knowledge on.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. It belongs to Mr. Kishimoto(?)

Newt__Scamander Newt__Scamander 3 days ago
Why the hell would delivering a time travel scroll be C-Rank?
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Nov 20, 2016
GRAMMAR! (Why is that what I thought of??? Oh! I'm not saying your grammar is bad!)
MaryamZD4 MaryamZD4 Aug 08, 2016
Oh.My.Gosh!!!! O.o
                              He say otou-san 2 times without saying old man !!!!😨😱
                              I am dead
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Nov 20, 2016
*Reads summary. Gets really excited. Curls into a ball in bed so I can read this.* I am so ready!!! 😄
SasuSakuSaraUchiha SasuSakuSaraUchiha Sep 25, 2016
we know. (>ω<)
                              you said he looks cute when he pouts. 
                              yes yes yes yes. 
                              he's your BOYfriend !!
SasuSakuSaraUchiha SasuSakuSaraUchiha Sep 25, 2016
wow what?
                              oh, ikr? she got it from Sakura!!^^
                              what now.
                              she's yo GIRLfriend.