Why Does Mom Love Dad?

Why Does Mom Love Dad?

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Daiana/Diana-chaan By ExtremexWritingQueen Completed

Ok heres the deal.In this story Boruto finds his way onto thinking on why his Mother loves his Father, Why you ask? Well its Hinata's birthday and Naruto couldn't make it on time and Boruto is furious.So Boruto does some exploring but when he finds a Hyuga Scroll jutsu after finding it in his parents room he later then finds out why his Mother loves his Father after going into the past.

Time travel.

After Boruto the Movie

If you copy the idea I will hunt you down and kill you ( *- * )

Made: 2013/2014 Ended: 2017

BioHazmat BioHazmat 4 days ago
You said if someone copies the idea you'll hunt them down but this is just a average "back in time" cliche. -_-
Boruto is 13....with this attitude....boi this child needs a beating with a broom
Boruto burned his arm, and when it healed, he opened the wound. It was not burned whatsoever, but he had some diamond on his palm, I forgot what it was called tho...
                              Your dad is Hokage.Not is he working just to protect the village but also you,your family and your mom so you at least don't have to go through Neji's 💉 fate,at least.
Bolt-Why dose she love him?!??
                              Me- I dont know its called go read the fûcking manga
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Sep 25, 2016
😂 let me just start for saying that I love the description for the book! I don't think anyone will think copying your idea now. O_O