Caught (Prequel to Hawk) (Mature Content - for 18+ public)

Caught (Prequel to Hawk) (Mature Content - for 18+ public)

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Jo Raven By JosephineRaven Completed

Complete Novella. Contemporary romance.

The moment I met HAWK, I was CAUGHT.
That was the night my boyfriend called me frigid in front of everyone at my favorite restaurant, and Jamie Hawk Fleming came to the rescue. Casually as you please, he proposed an arrangement: no attachments, no feelings. Only hot, awesome sex.
That's fine with me. I want to get over the humiliation my ex-boyfriend caused me, prove to myself I'm not frigid, and-let's be serious, who can say no to a mouthwateringly handsome young millionaire? It's surely an experience, right? Even if he doesn't want to be my boyfriend, just my fuckbuddy.
I'm perfectly fine with that.
If only my head-and my heart-didn't have other ideas...
*** This is a prequel to HAWK (Sex and Bullets 2) - a Novella ***
Mature Content - for 18+ public

CAUGHT (Prequel to HAWK)
Jo Raven 
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