It Was Just A Accident (A Nalu,Gruvia,Miraxus,Jerza,Elfgreen And Gale Fanfic)

It Was Just A Accident (A Nalu,Gruvia,Miraxus,Jerza,Elfgreen And Gale Fanfic)

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KpopMultiFandomFan By QueenSupreme009 Updated Dec 30, 2017

This is my first fanfic so please dont judge these..TT_TT Anyway please read and vote and dont forget to leave comments okay
It all started on that party..They were all drunk..So Lucy,Juvia,Erza,Levy,Mira and Evergreen decided to bring the boys to their apartments...But something happens..

"It was just a accident..Im not yet ready for being a father..Im sorry.."

That's the words that the girls hear from the boys..

What does the girls will do?

Leave the guild to raise the childrens or abort them just to keep the guild's name clean?

DISCLAMERS:I do not own the fairy tail..It's Hiro Mashima's..

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Where the heck did she come from or was she there the entire time.
im_srsly_nobody im_srsly_nobody Jul 28, 2017
I hate annicka lynn querin no hard feeling's just she's stronger than the two ftg no fair gonna stop reading now  =( =( =(
RaKuDragneel RaKuDragneel Apr 02, 2017
I hate anicka no hard feelings ,stronger than erza and mirajane that's not fair
YingJiang5 YingJiang5 Aug 16, 2017
Adrienette_Nalu4Life Adrienette_Nalu4Life Dec 09, 2017
Oh well natsu is technically her brother-in-law type thing cause he's Zerefs little brother and Mavis and Zeref loved each other so that means that there related in a way right?
MusicLover9852 MusicLover9852 Sep 08, 2016
Well it's not really an oc cause the girl is actually from an anime...