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She Will Be Mine (Karma x reader)

She Will Be Mine (Karma x reader)

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Trin By KarmaAkababe Completed

You were such a great student...key word there was 'were' but now you somehow find yourself stuck in Class E trying to kill your teacher and not fall in love with sadistic red haired boy....if only your parents could see you now.

I have read a Kyo x reader and in that, you call him carrot top too
Class A for àssholes
                              Class B for Bîtches
                              Class C for čunts
                              Class D for Dîcks
                              Class E for epic
                              Which class would you rather be in?
Wouldn't it have been the same if we went to any school?
                              Oh right I forgot this is anime so EVERYONE likes school
We just rejected kurasuma,
                              Eh,if we didn't professor bîtch would kill us if we didn't
Either the earth blows up or gets cursed
                              Wait but if I get cursed I can still kill koro sensei! I'm in! Bring it on,take my legs,make me blind,do whatever I wanna do it!
AnimeisLife136 AnimeisLife136 Dec 11, 2016
Meh I was on team Edward anyway AND WE WON (jk I do love the werewolves but I was on team Edward)