Teenwolf and The maze runner

Teenwolf and The maze runner

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Scar By SMR_1114 Updated Jul 07

After Scott's confrontation to Stiles, WICKED decided to kidnap Stiles and place him under their wing and experiments as Thomas. WICKED took two years and sacrificing a lot of teenagers to finish their experiment. Now that Thomas and the gang woke up from the experiment, Thomas went back to the place he hated the most and go back as Stiles Stilinski again.

What Stiles didn't know that WICKED is coming to get them all back to search for a perfect vessel or lab rat on their latest experiment.

Meanwhile, Scott didn't notice that his best friend was kidnapped and temporally brain washed that cause Stiles to think that their brotherhood is finally over and can never be repaired.

then one day, someone came to Beacon hills and looked for Stiles/Thomas for help, to rescue a blonde and limping teenager

timestar34 timestar34 May 09
I'd be like "so we were talking about how Derek will help us sneak into WICKED
IdeaBooks IdeaBooks Dec 22, 2016
                              Sorry Min, but, that's Thomas to you.
                              Only newt calls Thomas Tommy
IgnoreMeImAwkward IgnoreMeImAwkward Oct 19, 2016
I love this!  I've only read the first chapter, but I love it anyways and I can't wait to read on