The Sapphire Pendant

The Sapphire Pendant

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Sarah By ShootingSparkles Completed

Two royals, both of whom would do not want to meet each other, are brought together.  An unspoken alliance form which leads to...more?

Princess Adeline.  Headstrong, defiant, loves solitude and wants to be a hunter.  The last thing on her mind is marriage.  But when Prince Joshua comes along to pick a bride amongst her other sisters, what is the chance he will pick her?  Not even her own father enjoys spending time with her anymore.

Prince Joshua.  Arrogant-to an extent and the best warrior in the realms.  The last thing on his mind is marriage.  But what happens when his father announces he has to pick a bride?  What are the chances he picks the mysterious, blue eyed beauty everyone in the realms gossips about?

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todaypoetrymaker todaypoetrymaker Aug 03, 2016
How the hell they are sisters? Their father was really handsome and not really loyal or their mother was really ugly
JusYourAverageHijabi JusYourAverageHijabi Oct 08, 2016
It's like the kingdoms of Avatar but not really. LOVE THE STORY SO FAR
iKenneth15 iKenneth15 Feb 15, 2012
A very descriptive story. I love the way you wrote it. I can totally imagine what's happening around. The story is great, it has great details, it flowed nicely. Keep up the good work! :D