Free! •One Shots & Lemons•

Free! •One Shots & Lemons•

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Isabella-San By Isabella_Segarra Updated Jul 15

You are the manager of the Samezuka Academy swim team, thanks to your brothers seijuro and momo. They knew you had a certain feeling for a certain member in the swim team, and this was one of their little so called "joke" they will pull on you but you really didn't mind as long as you get to see Sousuke everyday.

So one day at swim practice you were timing the boys for the up coming nationals next month,"Yamazaki Sousuke your up next get ready " I said preparing the timer "alright (your nickname)"  it made you melt when he would call you that, heck everything about him made you go crazy. 

"Ready set go" you blow the whistle as he dives in swimming beautifully his butterfly stroke but you notice something was off with his right shoulder. (idk if it's his left or right I don't remember that well so just bare with me here xd)  it looked painful you've notice over the past week lately so you decide not to say anything but this time it was different it look more painful then before but yo...

__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Aug 01
How does that happen? Every time I fall on someone I get a face full of hair or kicked in the face/stomach/side/who cares it all hurts. Am I just not doing something right? Is there a pill or item I'm supposed to have?
qveenkay77 qveenkay77 Jul 08
Well my brothers wouldn't like it if I lost my virginity, hmph
An exact Gou moment but I be doing the same thing as Gou any day
Solo-Kawaii Solo-Kawaii 5 days ago
How does one even? You have to have skill or be really freaking clumsy to do that. Like BOI you tripped why can't you hurt your face like a normal person?!
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Aug 23
* totally awkward side comes out * 
                              yeah! I nose.. and...omlord just kill me now.  
                              * Brain spontaneously combusts leaving me with just embarrassment and self hate *
Well...... I'll be going now. *Walks to go get a whole roll of paper towel for my nonstop bleeding nose.* 👍👌It's worth the blood loss.👍👌