rock my head ✧ meanie

rock my head ✧ meanie

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jeon wonwoo is very awkward, very emo and very gay.

kim mingyu is very tall, very attractive and very out of wonwoo's league.

honestly it would be a 'notice me senpai' deal except wonwoo is not japanese and mingyu isn't even older than him.

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I'm reading like 10 other books rn so let's add another one to the list cuz I hate myself
Once I passed chemistry (barely might I add) I dropped that entire subject out of my brain to make room for kpop
ImFlippinWeird ImFlippinWeird 4 days ago
Me when Momo sits next to kimY and Nichole sits with Yasmina and leaves me alone with Sophie and Sam behind me, and Jaidyn in front of me, who are like, the most talkative girls ever. So I get detention 
                              Thanks Momo KimY Nichole and Yasmina
Bwoods2003 Bwoods2003 2 days ago
*cough cough* SOONHOON *cough cough* 
                              What? Did y’all hear something? I didn’t.
seungkwansBOOty seungkwansBOOty 4 days ago
Wow everyone here is like "my poor child who did this I WILL FIGHT THEM" and I'm just here thinking "yeah but dicks can be dicks too.."
I was gonna comment something but Chem keeps on autocorrecting to Chen and I'm-