Texts From A Stranger (Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfic)

Texts From A Stranger (Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfic)

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Des By DestinyGirlz Updated Apr 20, 2016

Yugi gets a new phone and an unknown number texts him one day and sparks up a conversation. Yami, the mysterious stranger, proves to be Yugi's, well, other half. But can a love form between text messages, phone calls, and a website? Yugi's about to find out! 

But with a horrible past, can Yami bring Yugi happiness and chase down all of his demons? Slice of life, drama, angst, hurt/comfort, mystery/thriller, friendship, romance. 

Warning: Will involve yaoi (boyxboy, don't like, don't read). OC's (Original Characters) later on. Dark material (cutting, depression, etc.), Character Death, (mentions of) Rape Non-Con. Puzzleshipping (YamixYugi), Tendershipping (BakuraxRyou), Bronzeshipping (MarikxMalik), Puppyshipping (SetoxJoey), Crushshipping (DukexSerenityxTristan)

...And YGOTAS references... Because, why not?
And it all started with one text...

From YuGiOh_WattyAwards:
*1st in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Yaoi
*1st in Creative Title
*1st in Favorite Writer

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LilDragon02 LilDragon02 Sep 11
I sympathize with Yugi and Ryou so much, it is NOT fun to be sunburnt that bad, I should know. I'd prefer to not end up seafood.....
This part always cracks me up
                              No matter how many times I reread this fic
Omg, if I stay out in the sun too long, I will turn into a brownie.
im_pouting im_pouting 7 days ago
Only if your data is unlimited or only if you got some good wifi Yugi.
Awesome story so far .  Love that chapters aren't unbearably short ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Graysonofgothem Graysonofgothem Apr 22, 2016
This happened to me during a sleep over with my friends, but I was asking for it, considering that my hair almost reached my waist