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Tara By Tara676 Updated Sep 15

(The Slices of Life, #1)

For years, one thing that bothers her is when he passed by. She longily stares at him whenever he's around: at class, at lunch, at gym, everywhere. She wants to befriend him again, but she's more than nervous to make advances.

She met him back during a field trip in fourth grade. Both became extremely good friends, his personality impressed her. She thought it was all going to run smoothly, until then. 

After a terrible mishap, he cut all ties with almost everyone, including her. He grew more distant by each day, and eventually, they became nothing but strangers who only knew each other's name.

By high school, her best friend finally encourages her to reconcile with him, just like what she deeply wished for. Even when his mind is as sophisticated  as a maze, for her, it's fine. 

She's going to rebuild their friendship, even if that means starting all over again. 

Rating: R+15 

Warning: This book may contain sensitive topics for some viewers. Read at your own risk.

liviajoy liviajoy Jan 23
That's mean.  I stutter sometimes, but no one is rude about it