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Tara By Tara676 Updated 2 days ago

(The Slices of Life, #1)

❝His mind is like a complex maze, stuffed up with dead-ends.❞

One thing that keeps on bothering me so much is when he passed by me. I couldn't help but to longily stare at him, and thought how it would be like talking and doing other things with him.

I first met him during a field trip back in primary school. From that time, I began to adore him and his amiable personality. However, as time progressed, I quietly observed his drastic change from afar, but I have no intentions to talk to him like we used to.

During my high school years, one of my friends encouraged me to get closer to him, and be friends just like back then.
That's when I noticed something's not right.

Rating: R+15 

Warning: This book may contain sensitive topics for some viewers. Read at your own risk.

123itsmeee 123itsmeee Dec 29, 2016
I'll still forget my stuff, it doesn't matter if you remind me😂
the_suburbs the_suburbs Dec 21, 2016
I'm smiling so much oh my gosh primary school crushes are just fkakfbkaoz
123itsmeee 123itsmeee Dec 29, 2016
Reminds me of POKEMON GO 
                              We had to have a lan in this big shopping centre where I lived cause the players kept crashing into the shoppers xD
123itsmeee 123itsmeee Dec 29, 2016
Wait I thought it was Christopher, I'm confused.... Aw man I get confused way to much for it to be healthy...
-moiety- -moiety- Dec 30, 2016
remembering the joy I got out of my first DS I got right now ❤️
liviajoy liviajoy Jan 23
That's mean.  I stutter sometimes, but no one is rude about it