Maze (Editing) | ✓

Maze (Editing) | ✓

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Tᗩᖇᗩ By Tara676 Completed

(The Slices of Life, #1)


For years, one thing that bothered her is the attempt to befriend him. She only stares at him whenever he's around: at class, at lunch, at gym, everywhere. She wants to talk to him again, but she's nervous to make advances.

She met him during a school trip back when they were fourth graders. Both gradually became good friends, and his personality had always impressed her. She thought it's all going to be fine, until that one fateful day.

After a terrible mishap, he cut all ties with almost everyone, including her. He grew more distant by each day, and eventually, they became strangers who only knew each other's name.

As they hit sophomore years, she finally attempts to reconcile with him, with the help of her best friend. Even when his mind is as complicated as a maze, for her, it's fine. 

She's going to rebuild their friendship, even if it means starting all over again. 

Rating: R+15 

Warning: This book may contain sensitive topics for some viewers. Read at your own risk.

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phindy25 phindy25 Apr 19
Is she just shy or it's more than that? I guess I'll have to wait to find out
SmallBobInc SmallBobInc 3 days ago
This looks so well put together, like the entire series and whatnot
phindy25 phindy25 Apr 19
Brah! This is good. I am already Hooked haha😁 next chapter here I come!
OrdinaryGuardian OrdinaryGuardian 3 days ago
That was a month before I graduated from high school. I miss those days.:-(