Friendship Just Isn't Enough

Friendship Just Isn't Enough

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Azura Jackson By Twilight_Howler1981 Updated 7 days ago

Cassandra Jackson is Edward's best friend from when they were human and has been for the past 109 years. 

Edward thinks Cassie is dead but those thoughts go away when she shows up at his school.

Bella Swan is dating Edward Cullen at the time and when she sees him and Cassie together, she begins to doubt Edward loves her.

And to make matters even worse, Edward doesn't return Bella's feelings, he was with out of amusement and boredom, and the fact that Cassie was the one that told her, drives her over the edge. 

Bella's out for blood and shes gonna get it. She's put up many traps but they doge all of them except for one, as they start to realize their feelings towards one another.

Will Bella break them up? Read and find out.

I don't own Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, only the plot, Kathryn, and Cassandra.

Skylee_66 Skylee_66 2 days ago
This is amazing and i havent even read the whole thing yet :)
Thanks!😊 I don't like her much so she's out but not for long😉
                              As they say revenge is best served cold, Bella is coming back soon with her bite bigger than her bark😂