Immortal Bella

Immortal Bella

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My eyes shot open and from across the meadow, I could see a man standing there, staring back at me. I didn't hear a heartbeat - which meant he was like myself. 

I examined his appearance for a quick moment; he had untidy, bronze-colored hair and he looked to be my age. Although I assumed he was like me, I quickly noticed the different colors of our eyes. 

Mine was red, his was a strange ocher.

"Hello." He called out in a musical voice.

What if Bella Swan, ordinary mortal from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, was already a part of the vampire world when she met the dazzling Edward Cullen?

Hello my other account deleted, and I could not get it back,I am andersonelin
so it's Renee leaving this time...okay, okay I like it. Gotta say love your writing style already ;)
Sasuke-Uchiha5 Sasuke-Uchiha5 Aug 13, 2016
The story about the way bella got changed into a Vampire is almost similar the way Alice got changed into a Vampire in the original twilight series
Cullen_Girl Cullen_Girl Aug 05, 2016
Like this dialogue and all, but here's what I think should have been said:
                              B: 18
                              E: no, I'm mean how old are you really
                              E: wait what, when were you changed
                              B: in the beginning of summer
                              Something like that