Avalei Cullen (A Twilight Saga Fanfic)

Avalei Cullen (A Twilight Saga Fanfic)

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Jaynalei By boyz5lifedoe Completed

What happens when a lost little girl wanders through a forest, getting chased by a sadistic vampire who killed her family just minutes before? She soon stumbles upon a few individuals that are extremely pale, beautiful, and have golden eyes who scare away the sadistic vampire and offers to take her in to be a part of their family? 

This is a story when the Cullens come across Avalei Koda and the start of her new life living in a world that isn't supposed to exist. They will soon discover that Avalei isn't just an ordinary girl and Avalei will soon discover that her life as a Cullen just keeps giving surprises, especially when Bella Swan enters her world.

May involve a certain wolf and Avalei being a special type of supernatural being. Just saying you should read this story. ❤️

Ah wait >_< nvm I didn't read the bottom part until now haha
Kendamitria Kendamitria Jun 04
She looked very familiar... I had to do a double and triple take
Can I take a different face claima for Avalei? Because I don't like Selena that much. Sorry for the fans.
janayahart janayahart 2 days ago
i wouldnt mind living there jasper emmett and carlisle are fine ass helllllllll hayyyyyy