The Words

The Words

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Carlos and Margarita grew up together. As the grow up, they had learned to love each other not just as siblings or as friends. Then they became far apart. The love they were keeping for one another stayed. 

Carlos, being an illegitimate son, strove harder to be worthy of Margarita. In his quest to be on top, he also had affairs with a lot of women.

Margarita, on the other hand, tried to remain pure for him. She had never let any other man be near her.

They met again. Before they could profess their love for one another, they had just  been suddenly engaged to be married. They had learned about their deep physical attraction for one another but they still had never said their true feelings for one another.

How will they be ever say the words if Carlo's persistent ex-lover keep on showing up making Margarita feel unsecured.

The characters, places and events are all just part of the author's imagination. Although some people, places and events exist in the real world, if some events are beyond the truth then that's what fiction is all about! 

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