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Hades Rewound (Hades Series #2)

Hades Rewound (Hades Series #2)

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caitlin By _caitlinemma Completed

You could say that a lot has happened to Evie Autumn over the past few years.
        1. Her best friend died (kind of ) and she found out that everyone she knew were immortal-walking-on-the-earth Greek gods.
        2. She fell in love with the ruler of Hell (kind of) and agreed to become his new Queen.
        3. She battled jealous sea gods and scary titans; a big fight which really, all could have been avoided with a big family therapy session.
        Yup, life sure was calmer than it had been in a while. 
        Not that Evie missed the chaos or anything; she totally loved sitting around all day with the love of her life, alternating between telling people how to live their afterlives and telling Hades that he really needed to educate his Disney movie knowledge.
        But then that serene bubble was shattered when, once again, her life was maliciously twisted out of proportion right in front of her; and on her wedding day, no less.
        Once again, Evie must race against the clock to save the love of her life - and the world, of course - before time runs out; but this time, the stakes are much higher.
        This time, it's not just the fate of the world on the line.
        It's Evie's heart too.
        [Ranked #76 in Teen Fiction on 05.10.16]

deep-waters deep-waters May 18, 2016
OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED!! I hope we'll get a glimpse of Dionysus, too. I kind of loved "Dionysus" more than "Hades". But, I mean, the characters are so awesome I'll read anything, really. Can't wait!!
christinekannely christinekannely May 18, 2016
I am so happy that I could reach through the computer and hug you!!! Not to be creepy or anything. 😃
Fernshade Fernshade Oct 21, 2016
*Sigh* this clashes with Percy Jackson so bad... I love that series, but contrary to my obsession I like this version of Greek mythology too.
-babyboymendes -babyboymendes Nov 20, 2016
This book is on my recommend list. QEDVNKIGC AYYYEE SHAWNY BOOOI I'M PROLLY THE ONLY PERSON HERE FROM THE MENDES ARMY LMFAO ANYWHO this sounds like a pretty dope storyy :)
VioletKnight8 VioletKnight8 Dec 18, 2016
I stand strong for paper equality! He should except paper no matter what color it is!(😂LMAO JK😉)
Fernshade Fernshade Oct 21, 2016
I have an unhealthy obsession with these, or is it healthy? I mean, this book has saved my sanity during classes that I find... less interesting! Yay for the sequel!