Darkness To The Kore

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Clara Vaughn By peace_love_unicorns Updated 3 years ago
Death is what comes to people like a thief in the night, snatching them with no intentions of bringing them back. Death is a nagging parent that you try to outsmart time and time again but no matter how many times you may think you have outsmarted them, in the end they will have the last word. Death is the old friend that nobody likes and yet you cannot live without. Death is many things but I never thought it would be my lover. 
    Kore lives alone with her controlling mother, Demi. She hasn’t seen any other person besides her homeschool teacher since she was a little girl after a mysterious incident happened at school one day that her mother refuses to talk to her about. She keeps her locked away on a farm and only lets her go out occasionally. It isn’t until her cat dies and after picking him up, becomes alive again when she realizes why her mother has locked her away for all these years. She discovers she has the gift of healing. 
    When she confronts her mother about it, her mother reveals to her that they are not human but in fact, Goddesses trapped inside human vessels to protect Kore from the Gods who want to marry her. But things only get worse when one day, as Kore is picking flowers in the meadow, there is an earthquake and she is taken up by this earthquake and falls into the arms of none other than Hades. 
    A modern retelling of the rape of Persephone.
this is good i have never read a story like this I like this very good :)
wow boy...the modern retelling of the rape of persephone.....interesting. I have never heard of it but it sounds kinda creepy.
                                    I think that you wrote the summary very well and i am very intreseted in reading your story...i dont usually read fantasy but im trying it out(:
ooh. Great story plot I am interested!!
                                    Moving on.
I love Persephone! You had better make this retelling good >.>
Great use of the gods. I loved the story of Persephone but I'm I'm sure you'll do a good job retelling it!
The first paragraph was a great hook! Definitely a fan of mythology of all sorts, so I'll be keeping an eye on this one.