Sunset Ruby (Ruby Rose X Reader)

Sunset Ruby (Ruby Rose X Reader)

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A/N in this you are the player in a game called sunset overdrive yeah it's older but I loved this game my character looked so badass

Y/N had done it he stopped Fizzco and was able to leave with his friends. They soon met a man who was named Ozpin who invited them to a academy named beacon for Hunters and huntresses. Y/n has quite the story to tell them about his awesome adventure

He soon meets team RWBY and falls in love with there leader Ruby Rose...

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Ice_Neptune Ice_Neptune Apr 02, 2017
*Spoiler alert not really* but what happened to the the overdrive that laughed at the end you know if you beat the game not trying to be a jackass or anything
alexander_killer alexander_killer May 26, 2017
you do know that there's already a ship between oscar & ruby right?
Drake1728 Drake1728 Sep 07, 2017
I knew it Sam was a suspicion at first but then Floyd no one has that name like that it is so Sunset Overdrive
FleeingFromFreedom FleeingFromFreedom May 02, 2017
Main character saved the world before the actual story
                              This'll be interesting
ssinonzz ssinonzz Jun 16, 2017
Its like that one scene where your on the boat and she pulls a gun to you and you pull out all😂
NicoliasD NicoliasD Jun 22, 2017
Could be Rampage as well. Ya know, mutant making drinks before Sunset :/