Fight for Me  // LaxusXReader \\ Watty Award's

Fight for Me // LaxusXReader \\ Watty Award's

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HaleySenpai By TravelzBook Updated Jun 26

Fight For Me
(Yes, this is a X Reader.)
And a good one... Well, thats what people tell me! ^-^

The happiest memory I have deep in my head was when I set foot through the large doors...
The doors of the great guild... the guild called Fairy Tail. 
My family. All my huge smiles. And everything that I know.


emegalaxy emegalaxy Jul 28
I can already tell this I going to be a great fan fiction
                              Like I'm not even kidding
NayaPlanas NayaPlanas Jun 21
That is...
                              Happy Birthday Me 
                              Lol I wish
PGLovely PGLovely May 06
Isn't Star Magic called Celestial Magic.... cause they stars
mcs0602 mcs0602 Jun 22
Kunarei Tenali... Twin sister of Kuraleia Tenali. Kunarei is the depressed, nice silent one. Kuraleia is the murderer who tried to murder her sister.
PGLovely PGLovely May 06
WHAAAAAAT?! *plays sad violin music* I'm the only one without.... *cries*
May19Pines May19Pines Jul 31
Literally my face when I see Laxus on my the screen of my computer.