A Never Noticed Mate

A Never Noticed Mate

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ElsaQuinn By ElsaQuinn Updated 3 days ago

Awesome cover made by @ManInBlue77. Thank you so much.

Clarissa omega of Vengeful Eyed pack was saved by Black heart pack members after getting nearly killed by her pack and mate.
After the death of her parents the whole pack rejected her even her true mate. But betrayal was the last straw from her only friend so she promised herself that she'll not be the pathetic omega anymore. She trained hard, battled with rogues to survive and lastly became a warrior in the Alpha Kings pack, where she found her second chance for love.

Will she be able to overcome her fear and accept him? The main question is will he accept her? Or her first mate will come in her way again?

Note: This story is not just about Second mate, this story contains more than that, it explains her fears and the training she had to go through to overcome her pathetic self. 
            So its a request, don't read the book just for her to meet her second chance mate, if you're reading this story than be prepared for the training part and emotional turbulence.

GhostPaste GhostPaste Jul 17, 2016
Not to be rude, but this really needs editing, but good start though
lesaknocker333 lesaknocker333 Dec 11, 2016
"When you knew this then why did you not make the breakfast"
ElsaQuinn ElsaQuinn Jul 18, 2016
Thanks and yes I know this has to edited but before that I am more concerned about new chapters.