A Never Noticed Mate

A Never Noticed Mate

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ElsaQuinn By ElsaQuinn Updated Dec 04, 2017


  That's the one word that everyone's fears, the one word that could make even the strongest cry. In this cruel and selfish world no one one wants to be ignored or forgotten, nobody wants to feel that pain which crosses their heart, ripping all hope, every opportunity leaving nothing but a lifeless soul in its trail. No one wants to hear that they are not good enough, not beautiful, not worth enough to be someone's crown. No one even in their nightmares wish to be in a position where you have to choose between your best friend and the love of your life.

   But rejection was all she got everyday instead of food after that unfaithful night which took her parents, her happiness and turned her family like pack against her. One night that all it took to turn her life upside down. But she fought through it every day, every hour, every minute and every second because she had a bestfriend - the only member close to her heart. But that friendship too was ripped from her when another cruelful night happened taking not only her best friend but also her mate, as they both loved each other and nearly killed her.

   But what they didn't expected was for her to not dead instead she grow up stronger, more powerful, making a lot of friends on her journey and a mentor who made her invincible, helping her to reach her final destination where she became the best warrior in Alpha king's court.

     But what happens when she meets her second chance? What happens when her first mate comes back in her life, claiming her back? What will she do? Whom will she choose - the mate who chose her best friend over her or the second chance who doesn't cares how she is?

     Moreover what was the name of the one wolf who wrote history?

    Her name was Clarissa Lilly Hart. You don't get something without paying a price and she did too. With strength came loneliness, hollowness making her cruel, selfish, merciless, not having any emotions, killing anyone without a second thought.

  • action
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  • purple
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  • romance
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AutisticAlpha AutisticAlpha Jun 16, 2017
I agree with dog191 because only shows how much you care that others are reading something that is perfect instead of all messed up with typos it shows that you care about this book
atenjhfood atenjhfood Apr 02, 2017
If I'm able to steal food from my mum cooking (she's scary russian KGB, not rlly but agh) then u can steal food form 300 ppl. no one would notice 10 grams of cheese missing
maiwonderland456 maiwonderland456 Aug 30, 2017
kpopasshole kpopasshole Apr 15, 2017
I already like this book. The fact that you're apologizing, for something that hasn't even happened yet, shows how great you're of an author, and as a person.
AutisticAlpha AutisticAlpha Jun 16, 2017
Talking* I would love to edit this if that's OK since commenting every time there is a mistake is tiring
AutisticAlpha AutisticAlpha Jun 16, 2017
Just a small helper. What have I told you about laziness? Just to help it make sense