He's pretty  || vkook

He's pretty || vkook

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Everything started with a simple handshake and a thought of, "He's Pretty."

The use of the word, "emo" in this text isn't intended to offend anyone. 

>> somehow, top!tae ideky

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2017 poems by girls who love taekook be like "Twas the time taehyung and jungkook were feeling so glittery that they rode on the majestic creature called the unicorn which poops out all the congested glitter in the both of them" Ok I know that sounded weird but I was bored lol
Jungkook is asking that because he's bi for Taehyung...Nahhh he's way more than that 😝
BreinaT BreinaT 4 days ago
I can communicate with her I have the same habits from I was 4 except I don't giggle I smile shyly *it's really embarrassing smiling every freaking time 😩😩😣🤐
puretae puretae Jan 30
pacify her
                              she's getting on my nerves 
                              you don't love her
                              stop lying with those words
Taehyung: The thought of it made me wanna bArF like WHO ARE YOU TO KISS MY JUNGKOOK, but of course...at that time I didn't know yet
Porn? Just from a kiss in a movie I faint because it's too much for me to handle ._.