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Katelyn X Reader

Katelyn X Reader

12.6K Reads 322 Votes 8 Part Story
Brainiac9 By Brainiac9 Updated Aug 08, 2016

You are new to the neughborhood, and as you're unpacking the moving truck, some neighbors come to help, and that's when you meet the blue haired beauty herself, Katelyn
If you're expecting a lemon chapter, you're sorely mistaken. This will be a for all ages, so no bad things will go on in this

Luna_the_neko Luna_the_neko Dec 06, 2016
She collects my darkest days merchandise?
                              YASS SHE IS AWESOME
RinTheRadiatedHeart RinTheRadiatedHeart Dec 10, 2016
She collects anime polishes and Imagine Dragon T-Shirts? Nice~!
Laurmau_Love Laurmau_Love Jul 05, 2016
I never knew Katelyn collected anime body pillows.... OOPS I SAID THAT
Happie23 Happie23 Aug 03, 2016
soooooooooo Katelyn collects Sebastian x Ciel Posters as well?
4MinutesOfFall 4MinutesOfFall a day ago
She collects Anime Plushies and band T-Shirts?! I didn't think Katelyn liked that.....
AllOutFangirl11504 AllOutFangirl11504 Nov 06, 2016
I can't tell if I'm a male or a female in this. (I'm yuri trash... get over it X3)