{BillDip} Stockholm Syndrome

{BillDip} Stockholm Syndrome

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Salad and Kake By AliceAndKatyWrite Updated 6 days ago

His life has NEVER been easy.

Thirteen-year-old Dipper Pines meets up with a rival of his in the woods. Tricks were played, and now he is trapped in the Fearamid, but the word 'ESCAPE' hadn't been on his mind.

(Katy and Alice will be updating every Wednesday maybe earlier [unless there is a dire emergency, celebration or marching band])

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And no bill is not the devil cause the last time I checked the devils name was Satan not bill
Look at these people callin me evil, right back at you. Now you're statues!
Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Aug 05
No, you didn't. You made a deal with a Razzle Dazzle Dorito/the Illuminacho.
That's how you know you can win 
                              You'll do it for her and then you say I'll do it for him
If he's the devil, I'll happily accept that I'm one of the many spawn of satan
TastyLover TastyLover Jan 27
Now now, dipper I have told you this, he is the nacho cheese dorito