My Sire Is A Myth

My Sire Is A Myth

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My head snapped to the side as he slapped me full force on the cheek.

I kept my head down not allowing him to see the hurt in my eyes, or the hurt in my heart, or the pain all over my body.

No, I was stronger than that, I would not let him see it; he already called me  weak, pathetic and out of place.

"Look at me," he growled menacingly. 

I kept my head down and I literally felt his fury radiating off him.

An iron hand wrapped around my throat and it lifted my head, but before my eyes made contact with his face I closed them.

"Human", he spat, "I said look at me.", his voice was dangerously low.

I knew he was playing a game with me, I had done it once and I had payed for it.

The grip around my throat tightened and it became difficult to breath.

"Look at me", His voice had turned into a seducing velvety whisper. "I know you want to."

He knew what he wanted but he didn't allow himself, that's why me looking at him was forbidden.

It brought out his monster, the beast that could only be tamed by one person.



Avery Jay is a lively teenager.  Her love for the outdoors is one that she likes to uphold and does just that one day when she's on a run through the woods like she often is but this day it feels different, something is amiss and she can't loose the feeling that she's not alone.

The next thing she knows is that she wakes up on the forest floor with a searing pain tearing through her body; she does not know what is going on and soon wishes nothing more then to die but perhaps, 

does fate still hold something in store for her? Did everything happen to her for a reason?

A dangerous world awaits her, a world she didn't know existed.
 When the submissive falls among the dominating there's no end to the surprises and dangers lurking around.

Highest ranking: #6 in vampire  
#2 in mystery 


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I imagine her as myself. It's completely normal, thank you very much.
goodiealisa goodiealisa Jun 24
Where this name come from? It bothering to even try to pronounce it... I'll say john are something
SO GOOD!!! I will have to get my friend to read this she loves suspense books!
Gazelles are in Africa and Asia unless you’re in a zoo. Cheetahs are the gazelles predator not a wolf/coyote. 
                              Srry but a few yrs ago I learned about this stuff and haven’t forgotten.
                              And I’m hoping someone doesn’t take this in the wrong idea-like somewhat of a hate comment
SusyMartens SusyMartens Nov 22, 2017
That seriously got my complete attention!! Great job!!!! Love it!
I finished this story in one day and now it's one of my favourites 😍