laundry || knj + ksj

laundry || knj + ksj

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#ThankYou2NE1 By chaelinsexual Updated Aug 04, 2016

"I don't know how to do this."

"I can teach you."

Namjoon doesn't know how to do anything by himself. His new neighbor is here to help.

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Blaccmami Blaccmami Dec 25, 2017
Is that the voice inside rm and jimins head telling then to hate themselves cause i will scrap
                              Post up bitch i will fight u
sopefanart sopefanart Dec 28, 2017
Namjoon right now:
                              "Fellas is it gay to fall in love with another man and spend the rest of your life with him?"
rrosesam rrosesam Jan 03
                              what wus gay about that convo tho??
                              i only saw 2 heteros?
                              bts has anever heard of the gay :/
hungrykook hungrykook Dec 23, 2017
i mean ofc he's just totally and completely straight when will we ever
ALaVi0la ALaVi0la Aug 10, 2016
As long as my kid is happy with their decision I wouldn't care what they wanted to be. I'd support them with their career.
peachyyhoseok peachyyhoseok Sep 05, 2016
That moment when his parents actually did through out all of his music equipment😂😂😂