laundry || knj + ksj

laundry || knj + ksj

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#ThankYou2NE1 By chaelinsexual Updated Aug 04

"I don't know how to do this."

"I can teach you."

Namjoon doesn't know how to do anything by himself. His new neighbor is here to help.

goddess50 goddess50 May 19
Wow if my children tell me they want to be a rapper and I know they are good I would support them and help them find a good company.
These are the type of parents that will eventually appear in his life again
ALaVi0la ALaVi0la Aug 10
As long as my kid is happy with their decision I wouldn't care what they wanted to be. I'd support them with their career.
That moment when his parents actually did through out all of his music equipment😂😂😂
If they come back when they hear that he's a massive idol they'll probs crawl back to him.
cindykaneki cindykaneki Jun 15
i swear to God if they come back to Namjoon the moment he becomes rich and famous, I'm gonna cut a bitch