The ones who loved

The ones who loved

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Killua&Gon By -Killua_Gon- Updated Jun 06

Through Gon and killuas adventures they've realized something. 

"I'm a loner" Killua hung his head upside down off the bed. Gon nodded in agreement and got a death glare. "You weren't supposed to agree with it!" Gon shook his head in disagreement. Killua face palmed. 

"Why aren't you talking?" Killua sat up. Gon raised his shoulders showing he said he doesn't know. Killua sighs and gets off the bed. 

"Maybe we'll find someone. I mean we gotta right?" Gon slowly nodded. 

Gon didn't feel like a loner or alone at all. He had Killua he loved all his friends but the feelings for Killua were different. When ever Killua touched him Gon felt something. The spot be touched stung. Like it needed more.

Al1TheH0m0 Al1TheH0m0 Jul 20
Whenever I read stories like this I always get mad at Gon or Killua for not noticing anything when the other is how oblivious can you be?!
syriahC234 syriahC234 Mar 18
For a story this good ur going to get way more than 15 votes
                              HE IS YOURS AND YOU ARE HIS AND ITS PERFECT
*When everyones excited but you've never seen/had fruit loops...* Yeahh...!!
                              Help... BUT BREAKFAST ALL DAY!!
Daddy_Bunny Daddy_Bunny Jan 18
Hmmm I wonder why its bothering him killua oh wait Ik he wants the D