Blink: 3003 (Book 1)

Blink: 3003 (Book 1)

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Jamie Harris By words_are_weapons Completed

3003 AD: the human race makes a breakthrough in interstellar travel like nothing ever seen. A tiny fraction of the population, one in a million - one in a billion - develop the innate capacity to vanish from existence. With training they can will themselves to reassemble in any known location. 

Over the years scientists find a way to spot these genetic accidents, these remarkable people, and gather them into the Biological Interstellar Navigation Korp, otherwise known as: BLINK.

Young men and women, gifted with something astonishing, now shoulder the unenviable burden of confronting the worst dangers of colonial space. They are the first line of defence, able to transmute themselves - travel instantaneously - to anywhere they are needed. So when an outpost on the edge of populated space sends out a scream for help, it is up to the members of Blink to respond.

But something is stirring out in the darkness of space, something that views the Blink operatives and their abilities through murderous eyes.


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Anyone here thought of
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JayPreak8 JayPreak8 Feb 02
The cover looks lit, the desc was lit, the atory looks lit dayim mate you r lit
*sigh* those amazingly lucky people who ace everything and anything without even trying! Wish I was one of them.
candy176 candy176 Jan 29
I think a better substitute for “good” would be “easy.”
FirenChaos FirenChaos Apr 27
Wouldn't a planet with a star not named the sun call sunlight starlight? Or am I just being a nerd
Oliver11715 Oliver11715 Feb 02
Nice story! 😄 It would be great to see this as a full length book on the shelves!!! Would totally buy it!