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She can easily kill you.

She can easily kill you.

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someoneonthisworld By someoneonthisworld Completed

#3 in Action :) (highest rank) 

She may not look like a killer but she is like a predator. She can easily kill you~  

Meet Chloe Rivas. A 'normal' teenage girl. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only 10 and since then she lived with the Walkers. A kind , innocent and loving family. But she discovers they are not that innocent. They don't have a normal job: They're assassins working for a secret agency.   Chloe soon found out the agency has everything to do with her. The 'leader' of the agency , mr Black, is an evil and emotionless man. He saw Chloe as a good agent and well if he wants someone he gets it. So he took Chloe, changed her name to Chloe Rivas ,trained her , let her live in a house with other agents and never saw her parents again. Chloe has done a lot of missions. But her biggest, most dangerous , mission is coming soon. And it's much more complicated then living in a house with 3 guys who drive you crazy. 


1PicturesqueUmbrella 1PicturesqueUmbrella Jul 22, 2016
I'm so excited to read this I'm grinning! :D I feel like I'm about to burst.
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
hello please write me here 
                               i would like to get to know you
BritishBrofist BritishBrofist May 28, 2016
I suppose I can excuse the incorrect grammar then.
                              Yes, I am one of those grammar freaks.
BritishBrofist BritishBrofist May 28, 2016
Is this supposed to be a chapter, because I'm kind of confused.
VillagoTitan VillagoTitan Jul 28, 2016
                              I read "The Shy Girl Has A Gun", and in it a girl is picked for an agency with a cold and emotionless man that couldn't care less for an agent that died. SHE ALSO LIVES WITH THREE GUYS. PLEASE TELL ME THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS NOTICED THIS
lightningblade107 lightningblade107 Dec 05, 2016
That's alright actually. Your pretty good tho. I know I only read like a paragraph, but it's still pretty good, I couldn't tell.