She can easily kill you.

She can easily kill you.

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She may not look like a killer but she is like a predator. She can easily kill you~  

Meet Chloe Rivas. A 'normal' teenage girl. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only 10 and since then she lived with the Walkers. A kind , innocent and loving family. But she discovers they are not that innocent. They don't have a normal job: They're assassins working for a secret agency.   Chloe soon found out the agency has everything to do with her. The 'leader' of the agency , mr Black, is an evil and emotionless man. He saw Chloe as a good agent and well if he wants someone he gets it. So he took Chloe, changed her name to Chloe Rivas ,trained her , let her live in a house with other agents and never saw her parents again. Chloe has done a lot of missions. But her biggest, most dangerous , mission is coming soon. And it's much more complicated then living in a house with 3 guys who drive you crazy. 


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CrazyGirlyCookie CrazyGirlyCookie Jul 12, 2017
I have half Dutch blood. I can't really speak it thou. I was born and raised American. I know some things about the food from my grandma if that means anything???
Tato_o Tato_o Aug 06, 2017
I can't understand german and I've taken the class for almost 5 years. Gongrats!!😂😂
Negrita_Tauro Negrita_Tauro Apr 02, 2017
Boluda! Sos una genia, yo ni con 6 años estudiando ingles puedo escribir así
Everyone assumes I’m a Latina and when I say no, they think I’m from India. I can understand and speak Indian, but I’m actually from Nepal 🇳🇵Sure it’s a small country, but it’s still one.
1PicturesqueUmbrella 1PicturesqueUmbrella Jul 22, 2016
I'm so excited to read this I'm grinning! :D I feel like I'm about to burst.
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
hello please write me here 
                               i would like to get to know you