Wingless Dragons | AnY [HIATUS]

Wingless Dragons | AnY [HIATUS]

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seira By seiraphic Updated Dec 09, 2016

an Akatsuki no Yona fanfiction


❝People used to have wings - like angels - until evil tore it apart and we became the demons we are now.❞

Kyouka woke up with her mind blank - like a fresh page of a book. She has lost all of her memories. 

She was lucky enough to cross paths with a friendly group of eccentrics and not have her head slashed on their first meeting. Still the voices inside her head stubbornly echoed of long forgotten memories she never realized was hers. But how can one survive when they're not even sure which side they're on? 

Oh, and it'll be a whole goddamn easier if it was merely between good and evil. 

And for once, even Yona is not sure if victory will be on their reach. Despite how she has strong dragons and allies backing her. 

When the only one standing between them and victory is Kyouka herself, of course Yona wasn't sure. 

Well, to be precise, her true self - a past queen of a forgotten kingdom and an immortal familiar. 

❝But the demons reside in every heart and even the demon king was once a human.❞



❣ I don't own Akatsuki no Yona. And English is my second language, so please bear with me and notify me if there are any grammar mistakes. Enjoy! ❣

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Animekitty1205 Animekitty1205 Apr 24, 2017
Oh! That girl from Re: Zero! She had pointed ears with silver hair and purple eyes
Bonkers_Is_Annie Bonkers_Is_Annie Apr 09, 2017
Oooooo I see a Jaeha x Rei/Kyouka ship going on here, me likey ^^
- - May 21, 2016
"Don't trust anything coming from that guy's mouth" 100% ACCURATE lol XD. Hehe, but anyway I like the story's setting so far, looks like you put a lot of thought into it.
etherealthoughts- etherealthoughts- Jul 06, 2016
etherealthoughts- etherealthoughts- Jul 06, 2016
oH yeah and thanks for not making Shin-ah act like he normally does bc a lot of fanfics also make him act OCC (ー ー;) . . . Okay now I sound rude byee
etherealthoughts- etherealthoughts- Jul 06, 2016
Ah I'm really enjoying it so far! And I can't thank you enough for spacing out the paragraphs and such bc a lot of AoY fanfics leave it all together (-。-;