The Makeover (S.g)

The Makeover (S.g)

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Aniqah Gamieldien By -BrokenHeartedGirl- Updated Jul 30

♡ She thought there was no such thing as miracles ♡

"We live in a world where - most of the time - the way you look on the outside matters more than what is hidden within.

I grew up believing that if someone had a perfect body, they were considered pretty, even beautiful. 

I eventually programmed my mind to think that these were just what they all said. They were just words. 

I could think for myself.

I never really cared for any of it or what society thought of me until they noticed me and forced me to be a part of the world around me.

I never really changed until my Makeover."

● ● ●
Katie Waters is your average person. The only difference is that she wears Christmas jerseys on scorching days and watches science parodies for fun. 

The thing is that no one really likes to settle for average. 

Under all of her layers, Katie has the body of a model and a quirky personality like no other.

When the queen bee finds out about it-- that's when everything starts spiralling downwards because we all know that jealously always takes root somehow and in this story it created the base of disaster that was Katie's life.

Join her as she goes through challenges, betrayal, love, heart break and a whole lot of changing.

But remember, it's always easy to change but it's impossible to get back to who you once were. 

Trailers are on chapters 14 and 15, made individually by @hey_for_now and @Winkyxx

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