My mate's happiness is worth dying for

My mate's happiness is worth dying for

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AnyssaRa By RaAnyssa Updated Sep 18, 2016

They say that mates are like fairytales. When you look at each others eyes, you feel like there's only you and your mate. But faith wanted to change and add someone else. When I found my mate, he was kissing another girl!

Adelina Adams is a 17 years old girl that lives with her dad, the beta of the pack, and her older brother. She've always been a sweet girl with plenty of friends but still a straight A student. When she turns 18, she doesn't know what she did wrong to be in this situation. She waited for her mate since her mother  first talked about it. Lina never kissed someone, waiting to give it to her mate, Cameron.

Cameron King, the soon to be alpha, is arrogant, cocky and the school player. He shows that he's a bad ass, but deep inside he wants to find his mate, his half. But when he finds her, something makes him need to reject her. 

Read to know what made Cam change his mind about love and how Adelina's life changes.

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I am trying to decipher what you are tryna say but fckn failing. 
                              The last two sentences don’t make sense🤦🏽‍♀️
BentOverBckwrds1xo BentOverBckwrds1xo Dec 09, 2016
The dates don't add up... Which one was adopted or r werewolf pregnancies quicker, or was the brother born prematurely?
JamieLAlex JamieLAlex Sep 20, 2016
How can someone be 6 months younger to their brother? One of them is adopted right?
Insert, “big bro equals mate. Mate actually looks like Matt-Matt. Mate doesn’t want her.”