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My Mate Rejected Me Too

My Mate Rejected Me Too

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thekidfromyesterday_ By thekidfromyesterday_ Completed

"What are you doing out here?" The young Alpha asked me, his forest green eyes full of concern.                                   "Running." I answered simply. And it was true, I was running. Running from the mate that rejected me. I couldn't stay in my pack anymore. I just couldn't.                                              "From what?" He crouched so that our eyes could be leveled. He seemed to be sincerely concerned.                                      "Everything." Everything at my old pack was a reminder of what I could have had.           "Why?" He tilted his head, interested.       "My mate rejected me." As I said the words my heart seemed to shatter once again and since I wasn't numb with shock anymore I could really feel it.                     I tried so hard to hold in my tears but one escaped and slide down my cheek. This is why He rejected me. I was weak and pathetic. I would have been a horrible Luna.                                                               I looked up and saw that his face was filled with understanding and sadness. "I understand how you feel." He said softly catching the tear that managed to get out with his finger.                                               I laughed humorlessly. "No you don't. How could you?" He was just trying to make me feel better and as sweet as that was it wasn't helping because he really did not know the pain I was going through right now.                                           He stood and offered me a helping hand. "My mate rejected me too."

The first chapter, and this last line makes it sound like its gonna be so good! I really hope it is! If it is, I'm following you!
_NataliePD_ _NataliePD_ Oct 10, 2015
My name YASS now I don't have to pretend that the main character name is Natalie XD
thekidfromyesterday_ thekidfromyesterday_ Apr 30, 2014
Aww stop ur making me blush! ☺ @weirdo1029 you think I'm cool and good? That's so nice of you!
blackdarkness101 blackdarkness101 Apr 30, 2014
Sometimes it's not as good as it seems- by the way, thanks for replying. Not many cool And good authors do
thekidfromyesterday_ thekidfromyesterday_ Apr 30, 2014
Thanks @rld2000 I used to have an editor but as it turned out they were just as bad as me if not worse! I'm really glad you like my book though, not many people do.
_rld2000_ _rld2000_ Apr 28, 2014
I know I'm annoying (I really don't mean to be it's just OCD I guess) but it's accept and btw I love the book so far