Moon Goddess Book 1 (I'm Glad I Was Rejected)

Moon Goddess Book 1 (I'm Glad I Was Rejected)

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Jasmina By Awesomesaucejasy Completed


Evangeline hated her life from the minute she was rejected. Little did she know that her life would take a turn for the better. Evangeline had run away for 2 years. Now she's back, better, hotter and is going to make her mate suffer. 
But that is where her life takes another twist. She is the so called legendary...

Let her journey unravel.


  • werewolf
callmecurrent callmecurrent Jul 01, 2017
If I crashed into my mate and he asked my name I wouldn't tell him 😙
polar3_ polar3_ Jul 06, 2017
Ya know what kind of wolf I've never heard of was a green wolf, now that would be weird
I would have been like, "bro me too, i dont want no nasty ass jock"
yoursuperfangirlxoxo yoursuperfangirlxoxo Nov 30, 2017
Isn't this the exact same story as nerdy to badass werewolf? I don't know which writer was first, but it's practically the same
RuisiLuo4 RuisiLuo4 Aug 28, 2017
Well... he was very blunt. YA DON'T EVEN KNOW HER!! Don't worry girl!! You ain't need no man for you! You're too good for them
AshleyPierson0 AshleyPierson0 Apr 19, 2016
I would've kicked his baby maker so he couldn't have children.