The Alpha's Streetfighter

The Alpha's Streetfighter

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WolfPrincessX By WolfPrincessX Updated Nov 25

Lucy is a 17 year old Streetfighter, she is known as lotus.

Her parents died when she was 15 and she was left to look after her younger brother Seth, who is now 6.

Cody is the Alpha of his pack,
At 18 his doing well, his own pack, a job, good grades...

But the only thing that truly matters to him is his mate, who of which he has yet to meet.

So what happens when Cody meets Streetfighter Lucy? 

Will he let her carry on with her fighting?

What will she do when she finds out he is a werewolf?

*May contain mature language*

Chicken 😂😂😂 I was really confused for a second but chicken nugget got it 😂😂
I thought he was nugget I guess she was trying to say chicken nugget the whole day but kept forgetting the word so called him it at separate times that makes so much sense u said it backwards to NUGGET CHICKEN COME HERE  (seth) 😑😕😴😜😏😌👌👌👌👍👍👍👌👌
Bïtch that's too little! Ask for a flake, rainbow sprinkles and some syrup!!
bxjxnnx bxjxnnx Aug 13
Funny, I just read a book where the girl has to take care of her younger sister and her stage name (for when she fights) was also Lotus
Mazinaaa Mazinaaa Aug 29
nugget, chicken ? - someone's hungry, I mean why else nickname her little brother food
Those are lovely dance moves!
                              You in the semi-final of a dance competition or something?